At this time of year, as 2013 is rapidly coming to a close and 2014 is ready to emerge, I find myself thinking about New Year’s resolutions and what I want to create in my life in the coming year. I happened to come across this blog post from Rebelle Society written by Osmara Vindel. It really resonated with me.
This part in particular:
“I decided to create the energy and emotionally magnetic tides of the experience of the person I’d have to become to create the results I seek.
I asked myself:
What kind of person would experience the things I want to experience?
What kind of person would manifest the things I want?”

I love this. As most of you may have experienced, New Year’s Resolutions don’t necessarily work. But looking at your life from this perspective just might. Who would you be, how would you act, if you were to create the things you most desire in your life?

Looking back over the past few years of my life and looking at this spiritual journey I am on, I realize I have created some amazing things in my life. Some REALLY amazing things. And more importantly, I have attracted the most incredible people into my life. So how did I do that? I think the most important part of the equation is that I ALLOWED these things and people to enter my life. Allowing is a pretty hefty word. If you fully allow something to transpire, you have to have complete faith in it. You have to completely trust in God and the Universe (or whatever higher power you believe in), and most of all, you have to trust in yourself. You have to know to the core of your being it is possible and will happen for you. And then you have to let it go and trust. You have to let go of the “how” and just know it to be true. All of the spiritual leaders and healers I have read and listened to will tell you that you have to live as if it has already happened.

Part of the problem with trusting and having faith is that we are human and have all kinds of emotions and feelings bombarding us continually. I’ve found one of the hardest to rid myself of is fear. Well, here’s the really cool thing. I get to constantly choose whether or not I allow fear to be a part of my life. I am consciously choosing right here and now that I am going to continually work on keeping fear out of my life. Nothing ever gets accomplished through fear. So when the dirty little bugger known as fear starts to creep into my life, I’m going to take my golden broom and sweep him right out the front door. I kind of like that visual image. It almost makes me laugh, which is part of the trick in fighting fear.

One of the great books I came across this year (actually one of those awesome people I attracted into my life told me about it) is E Squared by Pam Grout. This post is reminding me I need to get back to that book. One of the first exercises she has you do is to test the energy of the Universe. Pretty cool. You get to say, “Okay God and the Universe, give me a sign, something I can’t deny, to show me you and this energy are real.” Here was my experiment. I was out for a walk and when I left my house, it was cloudy but didn’t look like it was going to rain so I didn’t take my rain coat. When I turned around to head back home, there were these massive black clouds heading my way. My first thought was, “Holy crap. I’m going to get soaked.” Well, I stopped myself and thought, let’s have some fun here and test this exercise. For the mile back home, I kept telling myself that the rain was going to hold off until after I got home. Then I got a little more creative and playful and said, “Okay G and U, let’s really test this. Show me something that will make me truly believe. The rain will hold off until right before I get home. I’m not asking for a downpour, but give me a little rain to make me a true believer.” As I continued walking, I received a phone call and sort of forgot about my experiment. Then I rounded the corner to my house and remembered. I then thought, “Here’s your chance. You have a block left to give me a little rain.” Well Holy crap if I didn’t get a little blast of rain right in my face! It almost brought me to my knees. Right then and there I became a true believer. All I have to do is ask, believe, trust and allow and anything my heart desires can be mine. It sounds so simple but yet it’s not.

But I’m working on it. And amazing things are being created in my life. I love having my eyes opened to the possibilities that are all around me. I love knowing that I truly can create anything in my life that my heart desires. Look out world! Here I come!

As always, I send you love and light, and so many blessings.

May you create ALL your heart’s desires.

Much love,


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